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As I have already told you in the beginning of your "Alex-experience", the last couple of years I started 'gathering' some really nice, sweet, slow, Rock, Easy-Listening, Pop, Disco, hard-to-find music tracks, so that after some years I can have a collection of all these songs that everyone knows but never identifies. There were so many times that we heard a song on the Radio and although we really liked it , we did not know its title. With this collection, I hope that some day there will not be any more 'Unknown songs'. In the meantime, I would also like to thank my mate dj Andrew Gold, who keeps on helping me in this really difficult task; with his essential help, the collection keeps on growing and growing and growing...

Up to this moment, 7 CDs have been 'burned', while the compilation is growing day by day. What you see below are the playlists of all 7 CDs,while if you are interested in getting these discs, then drop me a line at my e-mail address. Repeating myself, I want to emphasize that this is MY PERSONAL collection and there are no copyright laws and conflicts involved (just a note for you out there who wanted to 'judge' me straight away..)

    CD 1

    CD 2

    CD 3

    CD 4

    CD 5

    CD 6

    CD 7

    CD 8


While here you can find my favourite radio stations, both from Greece and UK, who broadcast live on the net. Give them a try...