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In a nutshell, Alexandros is an Electronic and Computer Engineer (spec. Telecommunications), holding a Master degree from King's College London. He has completed his postgraduate study in September 2004, and since then he has spent his time working and living between US and London.

At the same time he has a very peculiar interest which is called... radio. Until some months ago, he had his own radio show on the internet, while some years ago he was also running his own Internet radio station. When he grows up he wants to become a talented radio-dj, having as his "idols": G. Alexiou,  Metallino, Perret, Katanaki, Dialyno, Diamantopoulos, Vlaho, Stergiou, Hristodoulara, Panagiotopoulo and so many others that have passed occasionally from the radiowaves of Thessaloniki.

When he is not in the search for difficult-to-find songs (Ticket to the tropics, for you (triumvirat)) that many of us have already forgotten, he is a frequent member of the summer camp of Y.M.C.A. and he gets involved (sort of) with scout. More information on his interests and his preferences, can be found in the rest of the pages.

Hence, enjoy browsing and do not forget to drop me a line in the Guestbook...

Don't let anyone ruin your day. He's not worth it and there is not any reason,

Alex G. Love, 1996 - 2017



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